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Why It’s Important to Celebrate Your Wins

Have you ever noticed that the minute that you finish one thing, you are on to your next objective, with no gap in between? 

This is easy to do, but it is so important to take a little pause and celebrate your wins. We live in a world where achieving as much as possible and “grinding” constantly is applauded. You’re always on the clock and pushing forward towards your next goal, the next “win” that is on your list. 

There is a lot of pressure to move through life this way, but it is an amazing feeling when you do (finally) take that break, the relief and joy that you feel when you take a step back. It always feels like the universe will bring more your way when you appreciate what you have and live in the moment. 

If you don’t? Well, then it always feels like the struggle is much more difficult. 

So, take this moment to pause, take a breath, appreciate, enjoy and feel gratitude for your wins. What were your wins this month? 

As Tony Robbins says, “You can only build on success.” As you celebrate your accomplishments, it will create a deeper hunger to create a stronger foundation and further pull yourself towards greater triumphs. 

Follow Your Passions

Some of you may be lucky enough to have a career that allows you to follow your passions in life, your essence, life purpose and skillset all in one. This allows you to combine all (or some) of your personal and professional goals, in one 40-hour (or so) gig. 

Others are lucky in a way that you have a professional job where your passions may not be so intertwined with your work. This allows you to develop and utilize your professional skills and knowledge, to push yourself beyond your scope of comfort and experience. All of this while being able to pay your bills and the occasional handbag. 

Some may not even have a full-time career or something that falls in between all of these options, and that’s okay too. In a world where your career dominates your life, it is important to deliberately make time to pursue your passions. 

What fuels your fire? What makes your heart flutter and pound when you have some free time? What excites you when you have a Saturday in front of you with no plans? How can you make time for these passions in your life? Let’s go through some of our tips for finding the balance between your life and keeping your passions burning. 

Think About It 

Think about the three things that have always been a big part of your being, essence and truth. Is it painting in oils, baking macarons for your family or playing the flute? Maybe you’re active and social and have always enjoyed being part of a soccer team. If you don’t partake in the things that you have enjoyed since you were a child, why did you stop? 

It might be the case that a variation of the things you have loved in the past now applies to you better as an adult. For instance, if you enjoyed acting in plays in high school, something like joining an improv class could be a way to light the fire under that passion again. Put some serious thought into this and be sure to experiment with different hobbies or activities, you might be very surprised at what you enjoy the most! 

Be True To You 

A lot of the time you can do things because you think you should do them, either because they are in fashion, because people you know are doing them or because we have education or training in a certain area. Try to block out all of that noise and listen to your voice inside pushing you in a certain direction, rather than conforming to what others think. It’s okay to be interested in or do something that is outside of other people’s wheelhouse. 

Be weird or wacky, it’s your life and your interests! Self-actualization comes from being you and exploring all of the areas that you are interested in, which might require finding who you are first! 

What Are You Good At? 

What are you good or great at? Counseling? Painting? Or maybe you have never come across a car problem that you cannot fix or you’re an excellent cook. Perhaps you just find every opportunity possible to help people, no matter where you are. 

Whatever your skills or talents are, you have been given those talents and can use them in whatever way you so desire. They can of course be used to earn plenty of cash, but is that what you think you are blessed with these skills for? 

You can use your talents in two ways for the bigger picture, by helping others and helping to make a difference in the world around you. Using your skills and talents for the benefit of others is truly a rewarding experience. For example, if you paint, you could hold classes for nursing home patients. If you work on cars, you could help to fix a single mom’s car for free. 

There are many ways to give back with the skills that you have and giving back to your community is as easy as carrying out some volunteer work. If you feel like nothing exists that suits you, then consider coming up with your own original idea and starting that yourself! 

No matter what you choose to do with your time, be sure to keep your journals up to date along the way with ByteLyfe.app. Try it for free now for the first seven days! 

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