Travel Journal Prompts

Travel journals are great for keeping track of your adventures.

Travel journals are great for keeping track of your adventures. You could keep your packing list or add pictures of all the places you saw. You could write down all the little details you don’t want to forget. For that last part, here are some prompts to get you started. 

  1. How did you plan for your trip?
  2. What’s your favorite way to travel?
  3. What’s something unexpected you saw during your trip?
  4. How was the flight/drive/etc.?
  5. What tourist spots did you check out?
  6. What’s something ordinary you did? Was it the same as doing it back home?
  7. Describe the place you’re staying. 
  8. Have you tried any local drinks or cuisine?
  9. What will you miss when you leave?
  10. Did you buy any souvenirs?
  11. Do you plan to come back here again?
  12. What’s the worst thing that happened?
  13. What’s the best part of this vacation?
  14. What’s the most fun activity you did during your trip?
  15. How was the weather?
  16. What’s something you learned about the local culture?
  17. What’s something you didn’t get to do?
  18. What are the highlights of your trip?
  19. I expected ___, but found ___ instead. 
  20. What are the top five places you want to travel to?
  21. Did you travel somewhere that you didn’t speak the language? How did you communicate?
  22. Do you prefer to have an itinerary for your vacations or play things by ear?
  23. Is there something you try to always make sure you do when you visit a new place?
  24. Did you lose anything on your trip?
  25. How has traveling changed your view of the world?
  26. How has traveling changed the way you view people?
  27. Is traveling more of a window or a mirror?
  28. What was your first impression of your destination?
  29. Did you forget to pack anything?
  30. Do you ever intend to go back? Why or why not?
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