The Power of Thankfulness

Life and society often place unnecessary demands and expectations that push us to want more than we have. More money, more clothes, higher income, more achievements and the list goes on and on. Isn’t it interesting how after achieving more, you still crave for something better and bigger? More often, the joy and fulfillment you get from your achievements tend to be short-lived, and sooner or later, you get back to the unending pursuit of something better. 

What if you paused to reflect and appreciate life as it is? What if you chose gratitude and thankfulness for everything that comes your way? Maybe your life could be a little different. With that positive outlook in life, you will find endless reasons to be grateful and easily navigate life challenges with strength. In this article, we explore the importance of thankfulness along with practical tips for making gratefulness a daily part of life. 

Why Does It Matter to Be Thankful? 

The truth is, life always throws difficult situations our way, and adversity forms part of life. Be it diseases, loss of a loved one, job loss, failure, lack and many other situations, life may just as often deprive us of joy and happiness as it gives them to us. While such situations are inevitable, your attitude and approach determine how soon you bounce back and move on with life. 

Although thankfulness does not take away the pain you feel at the moment; it helps you focus your time and attention on what you appreciate. This is key to controlling your experience and, ultimately, your well-being. Some of the benefits of practicing thankfulness include: 

Thankfulness Makes You a More Positive Person 

Thankful people are more positive in life.  When you cultivate a virtue of thankfulness, you will always focus on the positive side of life, no matter how bad things are. Instead of complaining about why the glass is half empty, you will be grateful that the glass has water in the first place! Even during difficult times, you will be thankful to have opportunities to create memories with those you love. 

It Makes You Happy 

Being thankful makes you sensitive to other people’s feelings, see things from their perspective and appreciate the people in your life. Gratefulness creates a reservoir of joy within you that you can draw from in most challenging situations. You can recount and reflect on your good times to find the strength to carry on. Thankfulness and happiness are inseparable. If you are pursuing happiness, you can pause to consider how being thankful can help. 

It Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health 

While thankfulness is an internal and emotional concept, studies show it can impact your physical health positively. Keeping a gratitude journal can help patients show remarkable improvement in their health conditions, better moods, improved sleep, self-care and a renewed zeal for life. 

Also, thankfulness can significantly reduce stress levels and any depression symptoms such as anxiety. If you are struggling with mental health issues, gratefulness could be part of your healing process. 

It Can Increase Your Self-esteem 

Self-esteem is crucial in your overall well-being. Being thankful can help strengthen your resolve to make choices that serve you emotionally and physically, improve your satisfaction in life and open up tremendous possibilities to reducing societal ills. Gratitude will help you focus on life with confidence, self-love and self-control. 

Thankfulness Improves Your Social Connections 

Being thankful helps you prioritize the need of others and their well-being. Since you do not want to hurt their emotions, you will be careful to treat people with the affection and care they deserve. This way, you build strong and lasting relationships and impact people’s lives positively 

Also, sending thank you notes and appreciating loved ones for small goals along the way in strengthening relationships. In marriage, thankfulness towards your partner can boost your romantic relationship. 

It Can Boost Your Career and Productivity 

Gratitude can make you an easy to relate to person. At the workplace, this translates to better relationships, willingness to help and commitment to success. Also, thankfulness significantly improves your job satisfaction and, ultimately, your productivity. 

How Do You Become More Grateful? 

Here are some of the key tips to leading a grateful life: 

Keep a Gratitude Journal 

Establishing a daily routine where you recall, reflect and record the things you enjoy, the people you value and the attributes you love about yourself will give you a lasting gratitude theme. 


Take time to think about the impact you have created in people’s lives, both the good and bad and how people have impacted your life. 

Use Virtual Reminders 

In case you forget, virtue cues can help you remember to be thankful by triggering gratitude thoughts. 

Bottom Line 

Thankfulness is a powerful attribute that can transform your life in all aspects. If you want to make gratefulness a habit, gratitude journaling will be a good place to start. Try today for all your journaling needs.

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