Spice up your posts with images, videos, audio, and locations

With your ByteLyfe account, you can add images, videos, audio, or even locations to your posts with just a few clicks.

We’ll start by adding an image. First, click the “+” sign on the right of the add-a-bit text box and click “Image” in the menu that drops down:

Click the picture you want to add from the selection window to highlight it and click open or double click the picture to include it:

After the image populates in the post window, add comments if you like and click “Add” to save it to your wall.

And now, you see your picture as a post on your journal wall!

Videos and audio work in the same way. Just navigate to the location of the audio or video you want to post and follow the same steps.

Adding a location starts the same way but has a few differences. Start by clicking the “Add” button in the text box and choosing “Location” from the drop-down menu:

In the search box that pops up, type in your location. You can use a place, a street address, full address, or zip code. Notice here that 41101 gives me the choice of several streets, the state of Kentucky, and somewhere in India. I picked Wolverine Road in Shawnee:

Write your post (if you haven’t already), click “Add,” and voila!

From within an active post, just click one of the icons at the bottom of the window and choose your file:

And that’s all there is to adding images, video, audio, and locations to your journal entries. Remember, you can add any or all these to one post, or add them as separate entries.

For a quick video tutorial, check me out on YouTube.

If you have questions, requests, contact the great folks at ByteLyfe.app via the feedback form by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right next to the search icon. Or contact Nate at natestimmel@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, happy journaling!

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