Pin Your Notes

Pin Your Notes

Put a Pin in It: How to Pin Your Notes to Your Wall

You add a post to the dozens decorating your journal wall, and decide, “I want this one at the top all the time.” Maybe it’s a picture of your kid, a saying you like, or an important phone number. So, how do you do that?

The ByteLyfe journaling app couldn’t make it easier.

After you log into your account, your wall will appear:

 Type your new post, click the pin icon on the bottom (circled in red), and click ADD (highlighted in yellow), and you’re done.

Let’s choose an existing post. Next, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the post to open the drop-down menu, click “Pin,” and viola! You’ve pinned your note.

Notice how the Pinned Note sticks to the top of the page, with the All Notes in date order underneath.

Want to pin several notes? Never a problem with ByteLyfe. Just repeat the pinning process with any note you want to pin, and that’s it! Now all of your pinned notes, three in this case, stick to the top of your wall.

What if you only need a note pinned for a day, a few days, or a week (like an appointment) and now you want to unpin it? Just click the three vertical dots to drop the menu and click Unpin.

Now, two notes remain on the top, still pinned, with one of the notes back with All Notes in date order.

You may have noticed that you can also just delete the note. But if you want or need to keep it for reference, label it for easy location and pinning in the future. See the tutorial on labels and hashtags for help with that process.

For a quick video demonstration of how to pin and unpin your posts, click here.

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