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Labels and Hashtags

Labels and Hashtags


ByteLyfe brings the power of labels and hashtags to your journaling experience with unparalleled ease. And here’s how:

First, write your entry and click on the “Label” icon at the bottom of the box.

This opens the Label dialogue box. Notice you can create a new label, or scroll through a list of labels you’ve already made. Since I already have NateInfo made, I put a check beside it and clicked add. (It says save here because I edited the note to make screenshots.)

To make a new Label, click on the Label icon at the bottom of your post and type in the name you want for the label. (Max: 11 characters) When you’ve typed the name, click the + sign in front of “Create NewLabel.”

 This adds NewLabel with a blank box beside it. Put a check in the box and click add to finish.

Now, let’s look at Hashtags.


To insert searchable Hashtags, just put a # sign in front of the text you want to reference. You can do this in the sentence or as a separated word.

Now you can search by either Labels or Hashtags.

Searching for Labels and Hashtags

To search, click the magnifying glass in the search bar at the top of your ByteLyfe screen.

This brings up a screen with Categories, Labels, and Hashtags. You can search any of them. 

We’ll use a label as an example, but it works the same way if you click Hashtags. I’ll click the Label FUN. Notice it populates in the search bar.

Now click the magnifying glass, and all the posts labeled fun will come up. Click the HOME button at any time to return to the main screen.

And that, in a nutshell, is how to insert Labels and Hashtags. For a quick video tutorial, click here.

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