How to Make a Vision Board that Works

Here we are. We have made it to 2022! It has been a rough couple of years, but we are about to see the silver lining. It’s time to focus on ourselves and set our minds to do marvelous things this year. No more slumber, no more wallowing. It is time to act.

It’s time to craft that vision board, let the magic surround us, and start being productive.

What are vision boards?

To put it simply, vision boards are a mix of images and words that represent your dreams, hopes, and goals for the future. They sum up all the things that give you good vibes, all the things you want to be. Vision boards can be both physical and digital, whichever is easier for you. The important thing is to create your sacred space with the stuff you want.

A vision board has a certain magic. To see all your dreams and goals gathered in one pleasing photo collage has a certain magnetic feeling. It attracts you, it brightens up your day, and it makes you want to reach for the stars.

The aim of a vision board

Vision boards aren’t just boards filled with pleasing images and words. Our minds have an unbeatable superpower, visualization.

Visualization is a mind exercise that invites the law of attraction. Popularized by the famous book The Secret, the law of attraction suggests that visualizing positive things will attract positive things. It is the philosophical belief that thoughts are a form of energy. Positive energy invites success in all aspects of your life, like relationships, health, and finance.

A physical vision board or a digital one, a journal, is a simple way to practice the law of attraction. When you write down your thoughts and ideas, you send your positive intentions into the universe. More so, you will notice if you tend to be optimistic or pessimistic. What you send into the universe is what you attract.

To manifest your vision board, you need to set your intentions. When you believe in something, that is the positive energy you send out into the world. This will help you take actual steps towards making your goals a reality.

Benefits of using a vision board

The most important thing a photo can convey is emotion.

The vision board can promote happiness, comfort, excitement, wonder, and many more feelings. A photograph can engage our other senses. 

The power of visualization has no limits. By looking at an image of a beach and focusing on it, you can feel the sand between your toes and hear the sound of waves.

Images can have a powerful impact. Having that in mind, creating your perfect vision board can help you set the tone for the future. By choosing words and images that inspire you, your subconscious starts working towards your goal. These are some benefits of creating a vision board.

If you look every day at your vision board, it can inspire and boost your mood. It is a daily reminder of what you are working for and not to get bummed out about the little things. It’s also a healthy way to let yourself be free and imagine beyond what you have right now.

The power of manifestation naturally comes when you see your vision board in your sacred space. Looking at the carefully picked images and words will make you want to get to your destination.

Powerful vision board manifestation

The first step of creating either a digital or physical vision board is to think of what you want to achieve and set your goals. You can also think about the things you like and want in your life, things that make you happy. The role of a vision board is to materialize what you have on it.

To create a physical vision board, you will need a poster board, magazines, glue, paint, glitter, and any other art supplies. It can get quite messy, but it’s relaxing and fun to see your dreams and goals coming to life in front of you.

With a digital vision board, you have the internet at your fingertips and unlimited options. It’s easy to search online for the pictures that inspire you the most and write in the fonts that create emotion. 

You can get creative and stylize your journal to reflect your personality. Make your digital journal into the vision board that lifts you and gets you inspired. Seeing the things you have yet experienced will make you work harder to get them. 

Start manifesting your goals

Vision boards can be magical, can be inspiring, can be anything you want. Start using your digital journal to manifest your goals and attract all you deserve. It’s time to dream, visualize and manifest. Ready to begin the journey of a lifetime? Try the today!

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