How Spring Cleaning Can Change Your Life

Do you know cleaning and de-cluttering your living space can have a major effect on your life?  

Of course, you do.  

You know the situation, right?  

Getting home late from work, house an absolute tip, kids running riot, dishes to be done, mountains of washing, shoes everywhere, fridge overdue a clean-out and as for your garage that hasn’t had a look in since… well never.  

Many of us know this situation all too well.  

But what if it didn’t have to be like this? What if you could go back to a clean, clutter-free, stress-free home? A place where you could relax and feel comfortable.  

Let’s check out how a little spring cleaning and some simple organization can change your life.  

A clean, tidy living space and a home you WANT to spend time in have a major effect on both your health and mental wellbeing.  

A clean, tidy living space and a home you WANT to spend time in have a major effect on both your health and mental wellbeing.  

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and check out how to de-clutter your space and the effects it can have.  

How To Declutter Your Space  

Living Room  

So, we’re going to start easy here. The living room is the easiest room to de-clutter.  

The living room is usually where you spend the most relaxing time in your home, meaning it often bypasses dishes, dirty clothes, shoes and other bits and bobs that completely take over any other space throughout the house.  

However, it can still get a little cluttered without some thought!  

To keep your living room/lounge clutter-free, be sure to:  

Straighten any pillows so they sit nicely and make the room look great.   

Straighten rugs, ornaments and furniture.   

Put any technology, games, clothes, books and other stuff that can accumulate in a neglected living room in their correct place or tidy them away in drawers.  

The living room can be a great place to stretch out, do some journaling and read your book. It needs to be peaceful and clutter-free!  

Work Space 

Not everyone has a workspace, but chances are in 2022, you’re doing some work from home, whether it’s temporary or permanent.  

It’s surprising how technology, cables, stationery, books, notepads and cables (oh the cables!) can accumulate.  

Productivity goes out the window when your workspace is cluttered and disorganized, so this one’s super important. Be sure to:  

Straighten any books and notes into one pile  

Remove any tech you don’t need for work (limit your distractions for maximum productivity).  

Organize cables, wires and chargers so they come from up and under your desk. Just looking at a mess of tangled cables and chargers can have your stress levels up.  


This is the big one. The house centerpiece.  

It’s where meals are prepared, the kid’s lunch boxes are constructed and where conversations happen over cups of tea or a glass of red.  

That’s why the place gets such a beating when it comes to mess and disorganization.  

I mean, if you don’t stay on top of it, it gets overwhelming. Dishes upon dishes, glasses, rubbish bags… and that’s not even starting on any other items from around the house.  

If your kitchen doubles up as a workspace, social space and meeting area, the mess can get out of hand rather quickly.  

So, you’ve gotta be really into it:  

Dishes and kitchenware need to be cleaned straight away, every time, all the time.  

Anything that doesn’t live in the kitchen needs to be put back in its place.  

Deep clean every day (or as frequently as possible), as food waste can make the place feel disgusting.  

Dishes are put in their proper place, not left out on the drying board for days at a time.  

Also, remove any needless cooking utensils and equipment that you never use. 

Ask yourself honestly how often you NEED something. If it’s not used frequently, throw it out or sell it.  

The Garage 

Without a doubt, the garage is the most neglected space in your home.

A place where toys, books and furniture go to die. Out of sight, out of mind.  

But now and again, it comes back to mind. Oh, we should probably clean out the garage!   

Only it gets pushed back further and further… months and even years can go by.  

So set a date and get stuck in.  

Remove anything broken.   

Sell anything you never use ( if it’s in the garage, we doubt you use it) and put on a yard sale.  

Anything that’s left and you want to keep, tidy and organized so it’s accessible when you need it. 

You’ll be able to use your garage and won’t have to climb over three bikes, a lawnmower and a huge pile of clothes to grab the broom.  

What Decluttering Can Do For Your Mind and Wellbeing  


Ever wondered why it’s so hard to get anything done when you’re surrounded by mess and chaos? 

Subconsciously, it causes stress and leads to thinking about cleaning and organizing when you should be focusing on your work.  

Also, if you’re surrounded by distractions, it’s only more reason to stop working.  

Set aside specific time to tidy your workspace each day. It’ll lead to a massive productivity increase.  

Lowering Stress  

If your home is a mess and you know it, have you ever dreaded having to go back to it?  

But, if you’ve just had a big clean-out, you’ll look forward to going back.  

This can have a huge calming/relaxing effect on your overall well-being.  

Leaving you stress-free in a space you can enjoy being in.  

Clean and Healthy  

A messy home is 100 times more susceptible to germs.  

Food and dirt can accumulate in all sorts of places when you’re not on top of the cleaning. Attracting insects and vermin is the last thing you want!  

A super clean kitchen means everyone is cleaner, safer and less likely to get ill.  

Consider also cleaning out the fridge every week and removing anything out of date.   


So there we go.  

We hope to inspire you to keep your home tidy and clutter-free.  

We understand that life gets in the way and your home’s immaculateness can often take a back seat.  

With just a little daily care, a good old-fashioned de-cluttering session can work wonders for your mental health.  

So here’s to a clean, stress/clutter-free and productive home that you feel comfortable and relaxed in.  

Happy de-cluttering!  

If you want to stay organized with everything in your life, why not try the ByteLyfe App? It’s free to download and will help you keep track of your notes and journaling.   

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