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Benefits of Digital Journaling

Like so many other habits and hobbies, technology has revolutionized journaling. You may already have heard about the advantages of writing on paper, but do you know the benefits of digital journaling? In our latest blog post, we talked about a few of the ways digital journaling is not only helpful, but could also be the key to your journaling consistency.

Here are a few benefits of digital journaling:

1. Automated Reminders

Some scientists have concluded that in order to establish a habit, three crucial elements must come into play:

  • Motivation
  • Ability
  • Prompts

One of the main distinguishing differences between a traditional and digital journal is that the former requires you to set prompts yourself while the latter allows you to set automatic prompts. It’s not uncommon to forget to update your traditional journal in comparison to a digital one which you set up to receive prompts after your preferred period.

2. Gives you the Opportunity to Include Additional Information

A digital journal allows you to include other useful information which isn’t the case with a traditional journal. A case in point is when you want to use your social media to post an update about your journey. This avails the opportunity to avoid posting the same information twice.

A digital journal also allows you to link to your social media accounts or other resources that are helpful to your reader. Moreover, you can include a few blocks of text which gives the reader a background to what you’re talking about.

3. Provides a Wide Array of Features

Digital journaling allows you to search for old posts or tag new ones for future reference which isn’t the case with traditional journaling. Additionally, you can upload entries to the cloud which ensures the security of your data and access on the go.

4. Allows you to put the Necessary Structure in Place

This is arguably the hugest benefits of keeping a digital journal. It enables you to put a structure in place that will enable you reap huge benefits as opposed to a physical journal which can be difficult to decide on the direction you want to take it.

One of the most effective ways of ensuring you journal regularly is ensuring you have a structure in place. In light of this, it’s impossible to have structure when you’re using a physical journal. A physical journal forces you to adapt your behavior which makes it difficult to create behavior which beats the whole purpose of regular journaling. Keeping up structure and setting up regular prompts can help you keep your journaling on course.

5. Typing Makes it Easier to Form a Habit

While some people find it difficult to journal digitally because of the many distractions but if you’re focused enough, this should be a simple stumbling block to overcome.

Digital journaling can motivate you to type on the go as long as you have access to your device which can motivate you to journal regularly.

6. Automation

Nowadays, it’s impossible to think about an app that doesn’t have built-in capabilities for automation. Digital journaling enables you to set up automatic backup, add media such as images and videos and keep an eye out on posts that you are mentioned.

7. It Helps you Declutter

While many people love the art of writing by hand, it’s easy for manuscripts to pile up which may end up taking up valuable time. There are viable options such as scanning the manuscripts and storing them digitally but this may not work for old documents. It’s also a time-consuming method of storing documents.

Keeping a digital journal enables you to sync with various apps which also provides various functionalities such as adding text, images, videos, and tagging of entries for easy retrieval.

8. Accessibility

A digital journal allows you to store your data on the cloud which makes for easy access wherever you are as long as you have access to a digital device and internet connection. You can access your data on another computer that has access to the internet. Moreover, most journaling apps offer the convenience of cross-platform and device compatibility.

9. Portability

Thanks to the continued advancement in technology, digital devices are becoming smaller and lighter and this of course depends on the device you choose. If you own a small digital device, it means you can journal wherever part you are in the world.

In Conclusion

One of the most effective ways to ensure consistency in journaling is ensuring you form a habit. As such, digital journaling is one of the most effective ways of ensuring you journal regularly because you can do it on the go as long as you have access to a digital device.

Try the today for all your digital journaling needs.

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