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Fun Ideas for Summer

Summer Activities You Can Do ANYWHERE

Summer is finally upon us and after months of being stuck inside, restricted in what we can do and where we can go, most of us are thinking hard about how we can get out and enjoy ourselves. If you’re struggling for ideas and wondering what kinds of activities you can do no matter where you live, keep reading. We’ve collected together three fun summer activities that are not tied to a specific location. Get out there and have fun!


Go on a nature walk

Whether you hit the trails early in the morning or late in the afternoon, walking in nature is a rewarding experience that not only gets you some exercise but also helps you be more mindful. No matter where you live, nature won’t be far away (and that’s true even for city folks!) You don’t have to plan a specific route, but it’s a good idea to give yourself a short checklist of things to look out for on your travels. Here are some ideas:

  • Animal tracks and markings
  • Different types of leaves
  • Wild fruits and berries
  • Varieties of native flowers
  • Natural rock formations
  • Water springs
  • Bird nests, beehives, and other animal homes

Why not keep a list of what you find on your phone for reference later? If you walk the same route or city several times, you can compare what you find each time and easily track wildlife activity in the area.


Get crafty with recycled materials

For countless people around the world, the pandemic meant having a little extra time to organize closets, sort through old college stuff, and (finally) get around to tidying the house. What that means is that you are likely to have come across some items that you no longer want but don’t necessarily want to throw away. Enter recycled crafting!


Think about something you really want, and then see if there’s a way you can use what you have around the house to make it. 

For example, rather than buying new fairy lights for the garden, consider making outdoor chandeliers from old mason jars. Or, if you feel like sprucing the place up with natural colors, make some eco-friendly artificial flowers out of coffee filters! 


There are many ways to use up what you have around the house by making recycled crafts. And the best thing? You’re not only saving money, but you’re saving the environment, too!


Learn a new local recipe

With restrictions lifting in most places, you’re probably looking forward to those relaxing evenings outside with friends. So, what better time than now to learn a new recipe! Better yet, try to learn a recipe from a community that lives nearby in your city. 


Live in NYC’s Chinatown? Maybe it’s time to learn how to make the notorious Beggar’s Chicken. Got a place in East Austin? Try out your favorite Tex-Mex recipe at home! Got a neighbor in rural Kansas who brings the best things to a potluck? Ask him for his secrets!


When summer hits, food comes out. Try something new and you’re not only learning new skills but you’re forging closer bonds with your community. 


Fancy trying some of these ideas out? 

Whatever you do, don’t forget to record your best routes, project ideas, and fresh culinary experiences in your ByteLyfe app! Create entries using templates, colorful backgrounds, text, pictures, video, and audio, and organize your notes with hashtags and labels so you never lose what’s important. Happy summer!

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